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Picture Title Chef's Name Preparation Time
Prawns Tikka Masala Saleem Pothiwala 1 hr 15 min
Bajri Vada Zainab 10 Minuts
Onion Soup Rehana Khambaty
Watermelon Dippers Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Hot and Sour Soup Saleem Pothiwala
Golden Hearts Zainab Jasdanwala
Curd Rice Saleem Pothiwala 15 minutes
Coffee Frappe Fatema E Quilonwala 2 minutes
nalli_gost.jpg Nalli Gosht... Saleem Pothiwala 50min
SANJORI Zainab 30 Minutes
Chicken Kofta... Saleem Pothiwala 30-35 min
Amazon Cucumber Juice Saleem Pothiwala 5-6 minutes
Gulab Jamun Rehana Khambaty
Panch Poran Charchari Rehana Khambaty
Lentil (Dal) Soup Rehana Khambaty
Pepper Chicken Zainab Jasdanwala
Chicken Curry with Mango and Cream Rehana Khambaty
Khurdi.jpg Khurdi-Lamb Chop Soup... Saleem Pothiwala 35min
Cheddar Garlic Biscuits Rehana Khambaty
Prawns Dopiazza and Saffron Rice Saleem Pothiwala
Coconut Milk Payasam Rehana Khambaty
Chinese chicken a la Shehnaaz Sakinaben Ebrahimji 1 hr
hotnspicychicken.jpg Hot and Spicy Chicken... Saleem Pothiwala 20min+ marination time
BlueBerry Muffins... Saleem Pothiwala 30 min
Italian Vegetable Toss Zainab