Ringhna nu Bhartu

Preparation Method: 
Oil ringhnu on skin and slash on both sides
     ( makes for quick grilling and will not burst in you oven or grill )
grill to soft
remove and skin ringhnu  -  blend flesh with spoon or fork
add chillie, onion, black pepper & salt
add yoghurt to softness required and keep blending
place in a bowl,
make a well,
place a piece of foil in the well,
and on the foil place a well lit coal piece,
put some ghee on the coal,
and cover immediately  -  the fume of the ghee should not go out
After 10 or 15 mins,  uncover the bowl and pour the ghee into the bhartu mix
even had it with toast and pitta bread and it tastes delicious
Good sized slim ringhnu
green chillie chopped fine  qty to taste
onion, chopped fine ( 1 medium ringhnu to one tbsp onion )
1/4 tsp black pepper
salt to taste
yoghurt  -  to taste
Preparation Time: 
1 hr
Chef's Name: 
Sakinaben Ebrahimji