About Bohra Net

BohraNet is FREE dynamic Website created with the niyat to provide a tool for Mumineen's all over the world to Network, Share and Interact with each other, thereby forming a virtual online Jamaat. Registration is Fast and Easy and only takes seconds.!

Website was launched with Raza of Huzurala (TUS) and under guidance of Shz. Idris BhaiSaheb Badruddin.

The main features of BohraNet are:
  1. Classifieds or Market Place
  2. Links Directory of all major Dawoodi Bohra websites.
  3. Forums
  4. Recipes
& much more… read the details on http://bohranet.com/faq_help
What’s more ?  BohraNet is interactive, meaning you can even submit your recipes, add forum discussions, suggest Links to BohraNet or simply provide feedback to the website.

to BohraNet and the Funds will be used for upliftment of Needy Mumineen in South Jameat of India.