Papaya Parathas

Preparation Method: 


  1. Add salt and three tbsp. ghee to the wheat flour and knead to a firm dough. Keep aside for half an hour.
  2. Grate papaya, add green chillies, chilli powder, garam masala powder, pepper powder, anardana, salt, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Mix well.
  3. Roll out the wheat flour dough into even numbered chapatis. Spread papaya mixture on one, cover with the other chapati and press the edges. Heat tawa and fry the parathas by smearing ghee on both the sides till crisp. Make the remaining parathas in the same way.
  4. Serve hot with curd, buttermilk, pickle or chutney.


  • 750 g. wheat flour; 1 raw hard papaya;
  • 4 green chillies, chopped;
  • 1 tsp. anardana (pomegranate seeds);
  • 1 tsp chilli powder;
  • 1 tsp. garam masala powder;
  • 1 1/2 tsp. pepper powder;
  • a few mint leaves, chopped;
  • a few coriander leaves, chopped;
  • salt to taste;
  • ghee.