Need Help with Namaaz

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Hello, my childhood life was miserable and i couldn't learn how to pray, so am here to beg to you mumineen that please help me by telling me the namaz format for fajr,zohr-asar and magrib-isha...please i have contacted many people but no one is helping me. At the end of the world Allah will ask me that why didn't you pray then what will I answer him? And if you will not help me that you will also have to answer Allah. 

More Info: I know all the surats,takarub, niyats and all the neccessary stuffs needed to pray but i just don't know the FORMAT! 


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Shabbir bhai, since Internet is open to all, we dont encourage disclosing deeni stuff in forums. Please contact someone locally or your amil saheb will help you


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The problem is that there is no one in my the only mumeen. but you can help me by sending me email. now can you do that?