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asslamo alykoom
Dear mumenine and mumeenat
My name is Safyabai bharmal. I am widow.  Living alone in the surat. I don't have any income, I live  on the fix income and I have rented home and very old  house now. I don't have son only daughter. I need help financial to  repairr my home.
If you help me to small contribute or donation to just repair my home. The repration has to following
1  One side , Inside home is band down . The send and rock  are falling in the kitchen.  It will collepse soon
2  The wall is distroyed
by humid.  and  patches.
3  The water is dripping in the bathroom and Bathroom also has to be repaired.
4  all the Floor has to be changed.
the estimate approximete Rs  100, 000  or more.
If you feel to contribute small amount It makes very differents. Your amount is consider for Syadna Hatem and Bapji moula Fakhruddin shahid "s maddad and vasila and doua of our aka moula . You can send yoir amount following address money order or draft.
Safya bharmal
4 / 4696 Zampa Bazzar
Tayebi St.
Surat 395003
Gujarat. India
Amte syadna
Safya Bharmal
E mail  cfatema