Chilled Lemon Fluff

Preparation Method: 

Method for Base    

- Melt the ghee in a pan . Add the Biscuits and Mix till all the ghee is soaked in all the Biscuits .

- dd half cup sugar and mix well .

- Set the Biscuits in a Serving Bowl and let it cool until fluff is ready .

For Fluff

- Blend the cream , Milk , Lemon Juice and the Remaining Sugar for 2 Mins .

- In Another Bowl pour the mixture and add a quarter of lemon rinds and mix / stir .

- Pour it into the serving bowl and Garnish .

For Garnishing

Garnish it with grated chocolate directly to the surface and spread the lemon rinds for same colour . Freeze for 5 -6 Hours .


U can use strawberry pieces for garnishing instead of choclate


Cowbell Cream / Rich Cream - 2 Tins

Evaporated Milk  3/4  Tin

Sugar 1 cup ( to taste ) grounded

Lemon Juice of 2 Lemons

Lemond Rinds of 3 full lemons ( Grated ) Finely Grated

Biscuits Plain / Marie Biscuits Crushed - 1 Box fresh and crispy

Ghee 2 Tbspn

Dairy Milk 2 Bars for Garnish

Food Colour ( Green ) Optional

Preparation Time: 
15 - 20 Mins
Chef's Name: 
Fatema Amijee