bohra recipe cookbooks

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are there bohra cookbooks on all kinds of recipes available and who to contact


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I can refer you to this previous e-mail posted on the Bohra Digest in Dec 2004

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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:19:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Farzana Patwa <>
Subject:  [SOCIAL] Cookbooks available for sale
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Hello all,
We have some cookbooks for sale written by a group of
women from Dar es salaam, Tanzania (Dawoodi Bohras) -
my mum being one of them. We can arrange to mail them
to you if you are within the US.
The title is "Seasons Cook Book" 3rd Edition July 1993
158 pages and includes recipes for:
1) Soups and starters eg almond and chicken soup
2) Main dishes eg Chicken risotto, Spinach chicken
3) Side dishes - diff breads, Raitas, Sauces
4) Sweets - eg Banana Cream Pie, Pineapple delight
5) Cookies & Cakes eg Kesarbiscuits
6) Jams, chutneys & sauces eg Peach Jam
For more details please email me at