Arabi Gosht

Preparation Method: 

Take Ghee or oil in a pan. Amount of oil to ones like.

Put Chopped onions in it and fry for two minutes

put chopped garlic and fry for two minutes

add chopped ginger and again fry for two minutes

add chopped chillies and fry for 5 minutes

add termeric poweder

add salt to taste

When the spices release oil and give out fragrance, add  boiled mutton into it

then add mutton stock . Place the lid . Allow all stock to reduce till oil is released.

Take it into serving plate. Garnish it with egg slices , grated cheese and corriender.


500 Gm Boneless Mutton

2 Cup Mutton Stock

2 Cup finely chopped onions

1/2 Cup finely choppen garlic and 1/2 cup finely chopped ginger

1/2 cup finely choppen green chillies

1/2 tea spoon termeric powder

Salt to taste

Two boiled eggs

Finely grated cheese

Choppen corriender


Preparation Time: 
30-35 minutes
Chef's Name: 
Nafisa Mediwala