Chinese chicken a la Shehnaaz

Preparation Method: 
  •             heat the oil, 
  •             add butter, when melted,
  •             add green chilly and ginger and fry slightly,
  •             add chicken and cook until chicken is say 75% cooked,
  •             add all shredded veggies to the pot and stir,
  •             cover and leave for veggies to cook say just 5 mins,
  •             mix and add sauce to pot  ( taste the sauce before
  •             adding it to check if you want to adjust the mix ), 
  •             allow it to steam for just 4 to 5 mins, 
  •             add the sweet corn and then the spring onions
        best with plain boiled rice
Chicken   :  optional to be either shredded or cut into
                     small bite sized pcs with bone   -  we prefer
                     to leave the bone on as we find it turns out
                     much more tasty  -  approx 1 kg for 3 persons
                     Washed & cleaned
Mixed shredded veggies :    
                    cabbage, carrots, green capsicums,
                    one large Spanish onion, one small red onion
                    -  qty say all shredded to fill a large salad bowl
Sweet corn
                    a small tin full or more to taste
Salad or Spring onion
                    one bunch chopped white and green separately
                Green chilly chopped finely -  2 hot ones
                Ginger -  chopped finely approx 1 tsp full
                2 tbsp vegetable oil / 1 dessert sp butter
Sauce :
                5 tbsp pineapple juice
                      (  we sometimes use orange juice
                         if p'apple is not available but find
                         it does not turn out as tasty )
                2 tbsp Soy sauce
                1 tsp tomato puree
                2 tsp tomato ketchup
                ground black pepper  -  lots of it
Preparation Time: 
1 hr
Chef's Name: 
Sakinaben Ebrahimji