candy biscuits and pineapple dish

Preparation Method: 

    Method :

         1: Spread some of the biscuits in the dish. 2: spread over it little bit of  pineapple juice.3 :spread the small pieces of pineapple over it. 4: spread the little amount of cream over it . 5: after this step spread again biscuits over it and follow the same procedure after spreading the cream,6: spread chocolate sauce over it , and store it in the refregirator to be cool , serve it with almonds,  pistachew and wallnuts, or any other toping of your choice.




  Candy biscuits and pineapple dish

  ingredients : (serves 8)

   1   take candy biscuits half roll 3 pkts

   2   pineapple tin 1

   3   fresh cream whipped 250 gms

   4   chocolate sause as per need


Preparation Time: 
15 min
Chef's Name: 
Tasneem Khuzema Ghatila