Sweet Lime Pickle


50 nos            Limes

60-70 grams    Salt

1 kg.                Sugar

100 grams       Red chilly powder

2 nos.             Garlic

15 grams        Ginger

3 sticks           Cinnamon

5 nos.              Cloves

2 shreds          Mace

1 small piece   Nutmeg

25 grams         Raisins or Dates

100ml              Vinegar

Preparation Method: 

Wash the limes and wipe dry, cut each lime into sight segments vertically

Place the cut limes in a jar, add sugar and salt and set aside for one hour.

Grind all ingredients in vinegar and make into a paste; chilly powder if fine need not be ground.

Keep the vessels containing the limes on fire add the masala and cook for about 30 minutes on slow fire. Add a little more vinegar if the syrup is very thick. Allow cooling.

Fill in clean and dry jars or bottles and cork airtight; cool place for storing.

Chef's Name: 
Fatema E Quilonwala