Preparation Method: 

Clean and wash the vegetables well. Chop onion and tomatoes. Cut the vegetales in medium pieces.Put  in cooker with one glass of water and namak and cook till soft. Open the cooker and mash the vegetables. In a Pan  put the oil or butter to saute the onion , put tomatoes in it and stir till the tomatoes melt, add the instant masala of pav bhaji , lemon juice, salt and stir well and mix the mashed vegetables and keep on stove for five minutes. sprinkle kothmir on it.

Cut the buns horizontally apply butter on both the sides and roast on the hot tawa.

Serve the bhaji and pav with the onion rings and kothmir.


  Pav Buns

  1 cauliflower small

fresh peas 100 gms

fresh capsicum   2

potatoes 100 gms

onion  1

tomatoes 2

lasan  paste


instant pav bhaji masala 3 tsps

fresh coriander leaves

nutrella butter  for low cholesterol

few drops of lemon juice




Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
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