Moving to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's picture

Dear Mumineen, Salaam,

I would be grateful if any mumineen can give me some insight regarding Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
I live in Hyderabad and I will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on a long term assignment and would like to take my family along with me, My family consist of wife and one son aged 8 yrs.
I would like to know following things
1. What is cost of living in Riyadh
2. What is cost of education, son is in 1st standard now, is it possible to get the admission in a good school, preferably with CBSE syllabus? What are the options available? 
3. Any markaz or bohra vicinity in Riyadh? Which areas?
Thanks for your help in advance
May Allah grant long and healthy life to Aqa Moula(TUS) ta roze qayamat, Aamin.
Abdey Sydena(TUS)