I still dont Understand the Posting/Submit. Please explain.

You will have to fill out a submission form to post Classified on Bohranet.com.You should go ahead and explore at how to better enhance and properly highlight and post your classified,to generate positive results,fast.

The title is straightforward enough. Try to be descriptive and catchy.

Next comes the "Categories" menu. This is the section your article will go in. This list presents all the sections available on the website, with their structure. So, choose the appropriate section or sections for your story and continue down the form to supply the body of your text.


A very important aspect of all submission is to keep track of all the responses you recieve.To do that please check on this box.

The "body" field is where you put the main content of the page. If you've typed this into a word processor or HTML editor, just copy and paste it into this field. Alternately you can just type straight in. For the most basic page, just type and leave a blank line (i.e., hit "enter" twice) at the and of each paragraph.

You can optionally format your entry in friendly old HTML. But hey, if you're a novice, don't worry--it's not as difficult as it sounds.

Just use the tags on the top of the BODY,go ahead,experiment.Get it Bold,Italic,Underlined,Aligned,Numbered,Bulleted,Change font,Font size,Use color,insert smilies,etc.

Lots of options to make the classified interesting and catchy.

And you're set! You can preview the page you've prepared
by hitting "Preview" (recommended, and sometimes required) or you can bravely or recklessly just go ahead and publish it by hitting "Submit


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 Where can I do Araz to Aqa Maula

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you can send arzi to Aqa Moula at: www.hawaij.org

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 Thank you