Things that Increase/Decrease Rizq

Things that increase Rizq:

1. Good intentions.
2. "Silla-e-Reham" - Staying in touch with family and relatives and being good towards them.
3. Always saying in a state of "wudhoo".
4. Telling the truth.
5. Not swearing/taking oaths.
6. "Istighfar" - Seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT).
7. "Good Akhlaq" - good moral/ethics.
8. Not being greedy and being gracious for all the blessings of Allah (SWT).
9. Being present in the mosque at the time of "azhan".
10. Saying namaaz in Jamaat.
11. Being absolutely attentive and humble during namaaz.
12. Being kind to all the forty neighbours on each of the four side of your house.
13. Clipping nails on Friday.
14. sweeping the main door of the house and keeping it tidy.
15. Having good behaviours with the momineens.
16 Combing your hair.
17. Punctuality.
18. Being trustworthy.
19. Saying the azhan and repeating it while being said.
20. Staying awake in the morning.
21. Giving priority to Allah's (SWT) commands over people's wishes.
22. Must not consider "rizq" (sustenance) to be something insignificant.
23. Giving "sadqa" - alms.
24. Reciting Sura -e- Yaseen in the morning and Sura -e- Waqia at night.
25. Praying Safa vitr zulus namaaz on time.
26. Avoiding futile conversations.
27. Avoiding unchaste actions.
28. Not talking in the toilet.
29. Good handwriting.
30. Being a pleasant speaker .
31. Reciting this one hundred times a day: La illaha illalahul malikul haqul mobeen.
32. Frequently repetition of : Lahawla wa la qoowata illa billahil aliyyil azeem.
33. Praying any outstanding and night prayers.
34.Reciting Sura -e- Tawheed when entering the house.
35. Saying "Subhan Allah" thirty time daily.
36. Turning on the lights of the house before sunset.
37. Washing hands before and after eating.

Things that reduce "Rizq"

1. Considering namaaz to be insignificant.
2. Being disrespectful with parent.
3. Addressing parents by their names.
4. Walking in front of the aged.
5. Cursing one's own children and praying bad things for them.
6. Breaking ties with relatives.
7. Managing financial affairs without any consideration and prior thought.
8. False swearing.
9. Expressing greed.
10. Having the habit of lying.
11. Turning away the needy.
12. Rushing out of masjid.
13. Going to the market before sunrise.
14. Buying bread from a "faqeer" beggar.
15. Sleeping a lot.
16. Sleeping naked.
17. Eating while lying down.
18. Keeping the dishes undone (not washing them).
19. Not honoring bread crumbs.
20. Not washing hands before and after eating.
21. Using all kinds of wood for a tooth pick.
22. Biting nails.
23. Combing hair with a broken comb.
24. Being stingy.
25. Lavish the expenditures without a purpose.
26. Eating and drinking in the state of "janabat" and "etlaam".
27. Urinating in the shower.
28. Urinating while naked.
29. Shameless behavior.
30. Not wiping spider webs.
31. Keeping garbage in the rooms.
32. Sleeping while the sun is setting.
33. Listening to music.
34. Sitting at the main door.
35. Eating in an unclean and cracked dish.
36. Sleeping between the time for Namaaz-e-Fajr and sunrise.
37. Wiping the hands and mouth with sleeves.
38. Sweeping the house at night.
39. Leaving the food and drinks uncovered.
40. Having an appearance of a beggar.
41. Being severe with the wife in the matters of food and clothing.
42. Being lazy.