Strawberry and Peach Delight...

Preparation Method: 
This dessert gets ready in just 15 minutes from scratch. A very simple and deliciously rich dish.

Cut the fruits in big chunks. Spread them on the baking tray.
Beat eggs, add cream and sugar. Keep beating.
Add vanilla extract while beating.
Add flour, one spoon at a time while continously beating.
Pour the mixture over the fruits.
Bake in a pre-heated oven for 8-9 minutes on 225 deg C
The dessert will be set from top but still creamy and liquidy from inside.

Serving instructions:
Add a scoop of vanilla icecream in the serving bowl.
Pour the baked hot delight over the icecream and serve immediately.
* Strawberries 10-12
* Peaches 2 medium
* Eggs 2
* Castor sugar 3-4 tbsp
* Cream 3-4 tbsp
* Flour (all purpose) 4-5 tbsp
* Vanilla extracts 1 tsp
Preparation Time: 
15 min
Chef's Name: 
Saleem Pothiwala