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Picture Title Chef's Name Preparation Time
Lamb Chops Saleem Pothiwala 4-5 hrs
Yoghurt Mousse Saleem Pothiwala 45 min
Green Mango Sherbet Rehana Khambaty
Keema Patties Saleem Pothiwala
Fruit Cup Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Steamed Stuffed Chicken Sheekh Munira Taher Kaydawala 4 hour including marination time
Stewed potatoes with tomato sauce Fatema E Quilonwala
Khurdi.jpg Lamb Chop Soup... Saleem Pothiwala 30mins
Zy9zj7a.jpg Gobi Ke Parathe Cooking Time : 15 min. Preparation Time : 30 min.
Doi Maach (Dahi Ni Machchi) Rehana Khambaty
Khurdi.jpg Khurdi-Lamb Chop Soup... Saleem Pothiwala 35min
Pasta With Roasted Cauliflower Zainab
Cauliflower Pickle Rehana Khambaty
Zinger Burger... Saleem Pothiwala 30-45 min
Health Drink Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Raspberry-Vanilla Shake saleem pothiwala 2-3 minutes
Muesli Cereal Cake Rehana Khambaty 15 mins.
Stuffed (little shoes) aubergines/eggplant Fatema E Quilonwala
Adobe ID 390ASP381411.jpg Bhutta Masala Juzer Baldiwalla Approximately 40 minutes
BHEL PURI zainab pirkhan Cooking Time : Nil. Preparation Time : 10 mins.
Spinach green curry Mustu Shabbir 10-15m
Mushroom in Marrow Zainab jasdanwala
Hot and Sour Soup Rehana Khambaty
Tandoori Chicken Pizza Saleem Pothiwala 35 min