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Picture Title Chef's Name Preparation Time
Doi Maach (Dahi Ni Machchi) Rehana Khambaty
Spinach Chicken Special zainab jasadanwala
Amazon Cucumber Juice Saleem Pothiwala 5-6 minutes
Apricot Chicken Saleem Pothiwala
Prawns Basked with Cheese Rehana Khambaty
Fish & Prawn Fiesta Zainab Jasdanwala
images.jpg PANEER MASOOR PARATHA Zainab Jasdanwala Cooking Time : 45 mins. Prepartion Time 15 Times, Makes 4 Parathas
vegetable-cheese-soup.jpg Cheese Vegetable Soup Zainab Jasdanwala Serves 4
Pani Puri 50 Minutes
CILANTRO CHUTNEY Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Bhel Puri Rehana Khambaty
Poha Saleem Pothiwala 10 minutes
Red Thai Prawn Curry... Saleem Pothiwala 30 min
Spanish rice khatija 20minutes
Masoor Daal Saleem Pothiwala 30 min
Mini Mango Cheesecake.jpg Mini Mango Cheescake Rehana Khambaty
Khurdi.jpg Lamb Chop Soup... Saleem Pothiwala 30mins
Hyderabadi Biryani Rehana Khambaty
Arabi Gosht Nafisa Mediwala 30-35 minutes
Roasted veges with penne pasta Zainab 40 Min
Keema Patties Saleem Pothiwala
Coconut Puri Rehana Khambaty
Green Mango Sherbet Rehana Khambaty
Hot `N' Spicy Baked Pomfret Zainab Jasdanwala
Chilled Lemon Fluff Fatema Amijee 15 - 20 Mins