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Picture Title Chef's Name Preparation Time
Mixed Vegetable Soup Fatema E Quilonwala 15 min.
Curd Rice Saleem Pothiwala 15 minutes
Cabbage and Mince Kebabs Fatema E Quilonwala
Mushroom in Marrow Zainab jasdanwala
Fish Fiesta Zainab Jasdanwala
TAMATAR KI KADHI Zainab Jasdanwala Cooking Time : 30 mins. Prepartion Times 19 Mins
ChickenTikka1.jpg Chicken Tikka with Hot n Tangy Sauce... Saleem Pothiwala 25min+marination time
Watermelon Dippers Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Methi Chicken Zainab Jasdanwala
Chocolate Pound Cake Chocolate Pound Cake Juzer Haidermota 30
Pumpkin Pie Pancake Rehana Khambaty
Cauliflower Roast Rehana Khambaty
Cluster Beans Saleem Pothiwala 30 mins
Baby Corn in Gravy Zainab Jasdanwala
Strawberry Yoghurt Fatema E Quilonwala A few minutes
Masoor Daal Saleem Pothiwala 30 min
Fruit Salad with Lime Yogurt Sakina Tashrifwala 15 Mins
Orange And Mango Sauce Fatema E Quilonwala 10mins
Chicken Dilruba Anees Haidary 30-45 mins
banana.jpg Double-Banana Bread Sakina Tashrifwala Prep Time 15 min.Cook Time 1 hr. 15 min.
CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE Fatema E Quilonwala 45 min
Raisin Choco Oat cookies Rehana Khambaty
carrot cake.jpg Carrot Cake Sakina Tashrifwala 45 mins
3 choclate cake.jpg Triple Chocolate Bliss Cake Sakina Tashrifwala
Dal Dhokli Rehana Khambaty