Bhutta Masala

Preparation Method: 
Clean and cut Bhuttas in 3 to 4 inches size each. Wash these pieces and place it in a big boiling pot. Add enough water in the pot so that the bhuttas get cover thoroughly. Add salt and a piece of lemon with one teaspoon of haldi powder. Put to boil for about 30 to 40 minutes or until bhutta become soft. To check the tendency of bhutta hold it with a fork and press one grain from the bhutta to feel the softness. Once done remove the vessel from the heat and keep it aside. Let it be in the hot water until you finish with the gravy (masala) for bhuttas. While the Corns are getting boiled prepare the masala. Grate fresh coconut and remove milk from the grated coconut. The coconut milk should be not more then two cups. Blend together Kaju, Tal, Sengh Dana, Daliyha, and Red whole Kashmiri Chillies in to fine paste. To blend this mixture if possible add coconut water. Remove and keep aside. Take a deep vessel or sauce pan. Heat oil on a medium flame and put Rai, Jeera and saute for about a minute. As the Jeera and Rai starts popping put the blended mixture and saute it for about 3 to 5 minutes or until the oil starts leaving the paste. Add coconut water and mix well the boiling paste to make it in to fine gravy. If possible add few more water to make the gravy thick or thin as you like. Add grated coconut and bring to boil. Now drench the bhuttas from the water and put it into the gravy and sim for about two or three minutes and remove from the flame. Serve hot, garnishing with Khotmir, Phudina and Lemon. Tip:- Try to make the gravy more so that you can later have with steam rice or Sweet Corn Pulao. The above dish has to be eaten by itself.
6 nos. Bhutta (Sweet corns big size American) 1 no Fresh coconut 50 gms Kaju (soaked in water) 25 gms Tal (White)(soaked in water) 50 gms Sengh Dana (soaked in water) 25 gms Daliyha (soaked in water) 1 cup Red whole Kashmiri Chillies (Good Flavored) (soaked in water) 2 nos. Fresh Lemon 3 tbls Corn Oil Curry leaves 1 tsp Rai 1 tsp Jeera 2 tsp Haldi powder for flavour & colour Sugar (if required) to taste Salt to Taste Khotmir (coriander) chopped for Garnishing Phudina (Mint leaves) chopped for Garnishing
Preparation Time: 
Approximately 40 minutes
Chef's Name: 
Juzer Baldiwalla